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MALG 2017 – 30th Anniversary

Posted on 31st Oct 2017
MALG 2017 – 30th Anniversary

Claire Donnelly is a national newspaper writer who takes a keen interest in documenting the UK's debt advice landscape and is a regular ARena contributor.

Delegates from across the industry will come together to debate current and future issues at the MALG 2017 conference on 27 November.

In celebration of its 30th anniversary in 2017, MALG is ‘shaking things up’ with a new look, new format and new venue at 30 Euston Square, London, NW1 2FB.

This year’s event aims to look at all the threads of the customer journey from the prevention to the cure of problem debt.

MALG and Conference Chair, Liz Barclay: “I’d like this year’s conference to be a game-changer: to ‘disrupt’ current approaches and make people think. I want to say to our members – you are thinking about next year when you should be thinking 5-10 years hence – or we’ll always be behind the curve. We should be working together to come up with appropriate solutions for the longer term.”

The conference will include keynote speakers, as well as a choice of breakout sessions.

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